August 27, 2012

Samuel J. Holmes was a respected professor of zoology at Berkeley from 1912 until his death in 1964. He was also, and remained throughout his life, an unapologetic eugenicist.

In fairness, life scientists who came of age in the zeros and teens were all steeped in eugenics, and many became fans and promoters. But Holmes, the compiler of A Bibliography of Eugenics (1924), was particularly enthusiastic.

I’ve been working for a while to compile and link this short index of works cited by Holmes in the closing chapters of his 1929 college biology textbook, Life and Evolution. These chapters – ‘Heredity and Variation,’ ‘Heredity and Environment,’ ‘Organic Evolution,’ ‘How Is Organic Evolution Caused’ and ‘The Eugenic Predicament’ – formed a coherent argument. My original goal was to annotate and contextualize the list. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So I’m publishing it here as is.

The Population Problem1922Carr-Saunders, A. M.Oxford University Press, Oxford
Genetics and Eugencis 2nd ed.1920Castle, W. E. (M) HarvardHarvard University Press, Cambridge
Heredity and Eugenics1912Castle, William Ernest, John Merle Coulter, Charles Benedict Davenport, Edward Murray East, William Lawrence TowerUniversity of Chicago Press, Chicago
The Direction of Human Evolution1921Conklin, E. G.Scribner, New York
The Primary Factors of Organic Evolution1896 (1904 in Holmes)Cope, E D.The Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago
Heredity in Relation to Eugenics1911Davenport, C. B.Henry Holt, New York
Species and Varieties1912 (1905 in Holmes)De Vries, HugoThe Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago
Plant Breeding1907De Vries, HugoThe Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago
The Mutation Theory1909De Vries, HugoThe Open Court Publishing Company, Chicago
Mankind at the Crossroads (partial scan)1923 [1977]East, Murray E.Scribner, New York
Hereditary Genius1870 (1869 in Holmes)Galton, FrancisAppleton, New York
Inquiries into Human Faculty1883 (1907 2nd Edition in Holmes)Galton, FrancisMacmillan, London
Essays in Eugenics (PDF)1909Galton, FrancisThe Eugenics Educaiton Society, London
Heredity and Eugenics1923Gates, R. R.Constable, London
The Mutation Factor1915Gates, R. R.Macmillan, London
Being Well-Born1916 (1918 in Holmes)Guyer, Michael. F.Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis
The Trend of the Race1921Holmes, Samual J.Harcourt, New York
A Bibliography of Eugenics1924 (1923 in Holmes)Holmes, Samual J.University of California Press
Studies in Evolution and Eugenics1923Holmes, Samual J.Harcourt, New York
The Trend of the Race1921Holmes, Samual Jackson (M) University of CaliforniaHarcourt, New York
Darwinism To-day1907Kellogg, V. L.Holt, New York
Is American Safe for Democracy1921McDougall, W.Scribner, New York
Evolution and Adaptation1903Morgan, T. H.Macmillan, New York
A Critique of the Theory of Evolution1916Morgan, T. H.Princeton University Press, Princeton
Applied Eugenics1918Popenoe, Paul (M) Editor of the Journal of Heredity, Roswell, Johnson Hill, University of PittsburgMacmillan, New York
Parenthood and Race Culture1911Saleeby, Caleb. W.Moffat, Yard, New York
Darwin and Modern Science (partial scan)1909Seward, A. C.Cambridge University Press
The Factors of Organic Evolution1887Spencer, HerbertAppleton, New York
Principles of Biology1910 (1898, 1904 in Holmes)Spencer, HerbertAppleton, New York
The Revolt Against Civilization1922Stoddard, LothropScribner, New York
Genetics1913Walter, Herbert Eugene (M) Brown UniversityNorwood Press, Norwood, MA
The Fruit of the Family Tree (partial scan)1924 [1977]Wiggam, Albert E.Bobbs-Merrill, Indianapolis

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