Ladouceur, Ronald P. 2008. “Ella Thea Smith and the Lost History of American High School Biology Textbooks.” Journal of the History of Biology 41:435-471.

The errors listed below are entirely the responsibility of the author, not the JOH, its proofreaders, typesetters or printers.

Page 435, keywords.
Civic Biology, Exploring Biology, Modern Biology, and Scopes Trial are proper nouns and should be capitalized.

Page 441, line 22.
Change Herman to Hermann.

Page 442, footnote 24, line 2.
Change Darwinian to Darwin.

Page 445, footnote 37, line 8.
Change between 1948 and 1952 to between 1948 and 1954.

Page 446, line 1.
Change a coherent to as a coherent.

Page 450, lines 16 and 17.
Change As Alfred Kinsey would in his textbook published 12 years later to As Alfred Kinsey would in his 1926 textbook.

Page 451, footnote 60.
Change Engles, 1911 to Engles, 1991.

Page 452, footnote 63.
Change Ibid. to Moon, 1921.

Page 459, footnote 92.
Change Smith, 1942 to Smith, 1943

Page 459, footnote 94.
Change the same year to just one year after.

Page 462, line 21.
Change Herman to Hermann.

Page 467, footnote 128.
Change Seldon to Selden.

Page 470, line 23.
Change Salem Historical Association to Salem Historical Society.

Page 470, line 26.
Change 1942, Exploring Biology to 1943, Exploring Biology.


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